Yep. Praise the Lord (remember that show, crusties?). It’s over, and it went well.

OK, except for one thing…the piano player (that would be Yours Truly). Dropping a measure before the shout chorus is not cool. Dropping a measure when 14 singers are depending on you to *not* drop a measure is consummately uncool. But, being the little pros they are, they recovered nicely and sounded great.

The choir — which was borderline under-rehearsed — did a fab job of pulling it off. I think that to say we’re all glad it’s over, however, would be an understatement. All right, on to the Finkness for today.

The folks over at Gizmodo did a feature on neat-o computer desks. I’ve pulled my faves from that article to show you this day. Click on the pictures to get the full Monty:

All right. Time to get ready so I can go pick up my peace offering to the jazz singers: donuts from Hawkins. Sheesh. Rat Fink, Rat Fink…what a donkey.

Hee-aww. Fink out.

7 thoughts on “PTL

  1. Sam

    I think we recovered nicely. I asked about 5 people from the audience if they noticed it and they honestly didn’t.

    Choir sounded really good!

  2. Stein

    The concert was fine. That Han-Solo-captured-in-carbonite desk is amazing. That is quite possibly the best computer desk I have ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on.

  3. BoomR6969

    Greetings from the American Airlines AAdmiral’s Club in Narita (Tokyo), Japan. :-) After having spent the better part of a week out in BFE Philippines, I’m finally back to some civilization and actually have **good** BROADBAND access!!

    All I wanna know is: WHERE the sam hill is the pic of the new TV??? Huh?? Huh??? Where are your priorities, child?

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Boom Boom — Konnichiwa er whatever – it’s tomorrow where you are! And I have a photo of the new TV here somewheres…lemme see…here ’tis. Not the best representation cuz my camera’s a little iffy in the dark. But you get the idea…it’s not as beastly as I thought it would be!

    Have a good trip home (if you’re not there already) – you owe me a mail, sonny boy!


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