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Ya know…there are two words that should not be uttered in the same sentence right now. The two words are Baghdad and tourists. Tourists? In Baghdad? Now? Yep.

OK, so they were “pilgrims.” Whatever. I’m not knocking pilgrimages, or a person’s right to pilgrim. But to bring your children into a city where people regularly, and with impunity, blow themselves up at any random time and place… don’t you think it might be wiser to visit other shrines for awhile? I dunno. As my Grandma Johnson used to say, “No one asked me my opinion about it, so I’ll just shut my mouth.”


Enjoyed watching the Cavs win last night. (We won’t talk about the Indians.) Side note: Detroit Pistons coach Michael Curry reminds me of Yul Brynner.

I never much attributed phrases like “artistry” to basketball plays. But last night I saw some incredible feats. LeBron — overhyped and in love with himself as he is — can play ball. Holy…


My fiend Jennie sent me this video yesterday. I was moved, and by the end, totally choked up. It is easy for non-arts people (just like any excluded group in any area of endeavor) to miss the point of how important music and dance are to human existence — not to mention the part they have played since antiquity. This video, which includes people of all ages and ability levels coming together in an Antwerp, Belgium train station, drives that point home. It is amazing to watch.

All right, time to get started on rhythm section parts. I hate weekends. I really, really hate them.

Fink out.


Hello, spring. Hello, my tulips. Hello, weeds.

3 thoughts on “RNF XXI

  1. BoomR

    I wish the economy was such that your school could have bought you the new Mac – you’d be throwing those rhythm parts together in a SNAP in Logic!! *pout*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know — but it’s not over yet, babe! I still plan to ask for the Mac next fall. I shant give up…


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