Random Neuron Firings

So BoomR sent me some photos of Beatles Rock Band last night. Clicky:

Yep, looks like fun all right. Thanks, Boom Boom. I am *so* on this.


Had rehearsal for the famous “Telephone Hour” number last night. Fun. Good to see high school kids unzipping their cocoon skin and stepping out a bit.


My Flip arrives tomorrow. Color me tres excite. Look for random and sundry uploads from our Detroit trip to take BFFs Kay and Bob to the airport on Saturday. Dare me to go ninja with it in Greektown Casino? Nah…probably get it confiscated. And as I always tell my choirs, in the interest of fair warning: That will make me mad.


Speaking of Satuday…the airport. :-( She’ll only be gone for 7 weeks, though. Which reminds me: cast/crew of Birdie who are reading this — that’s about how long we have till we open. Nice.


I’ve lived in northeast Ohio for the better part of 36 years, and I’ve never been on a tour of the nearby Smucker’s headquarters in Orrville. Go figure.


Speaking of Orrville, the Thriller and I are going to Smithville — just a few miles from the Smucker’s plant –to have dinner here with RD and Bonnie very soon. Me psyched — diet be danged that night, lemmetellya. (The food’s great, but yeesh their website is in desperate need of a redesign.)

And now my fiends, I am out of time, and out of here. Happy Thursday — tomorrow’s only a day away.


8 thoughts on “RNF XXVI

  1. Stein

    The Barn looks very similar to this restaurant in Lima called The Old Barn Out Back. Looks like they have similar food stuffs as well. You’ll have to let me know when the Stevie Wonder Rock Band comes out. It would, of course, have no visuals to help you. You can’t have visuals if you want to rock like Stevie…

  2. Kodye

    “Telephone Hour”… that brings back memories. Memories of being yelled at by Taylor Stevenson for being a shy little 7th grader on stage, instead of a teenager from the 1950’s. Good times. I’m excited to see the play this year. As you know, Bye Bye Birdie is my all time favorite musical.


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