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  1. Do you keep your list in your head, or do you write down everything? Or a combination of the two, mayhap? I’m still learning about when to memorize and when to write. As many of you know, I struggle with organizing and prioritizing tasks. There have been several “list” discussions and posts here over the past year or so, and I have taken them all to heart…but it’s still a struggle, alas.
  2. I wonder this day: When will Stoney and I arrive at a decision on a musical for this year? Time’s running out…
  3. I’m looking forward to several things: a) getting some good DT work done today; b) hopefully getting to see my 3 grandsons this weekend at some point; c) this presidential election being overwith; d) seeing some Illinois family I haven’t seen for a long time next Saturday.
  4. I’m not looking forward to the drive to achieve “d,” however. Don’t get me wrong — I love generally like to drive, and the solitude will give me a lot of time to think great thoughts. It’s just the whole navigating-the-Dan-Ryan-at-rush-hour thing…it’s going to make me mad, I can feel it. People drive like fools; in downtown Chicago, they drive like maniacs. I might have to bring my marshmallow blaster.
  5. I’m actually looking forward to spending today at school. Please pray my new equipment is in a manic state and cooperates. (My toys have not wanted to play with me lately.)
So off I go, into the rain and wet and ick, but with a song in my heart (and several that I can’t get out of my head). Have a great Saturnday, fiends — relax some, wouldya?



4 thoughts on “RNF LV

  1. Lori

    If it’s any consolation, there is !a beautiful day behind the rain. Went to sleep with storms, awoke with sun and bright blue skies this morning (and cooler temps today–YAY!!) A great day to start marching band competition season– our last one!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Why do I sense that there will be waterworks today, even though there is no rain? :-D

      Have fun today, Lori! I will definitely look forward to tomorrow’s better weather. (Better for the Browns to lose in – OY)

  2. Mavis

    You already know about my lists. :-)

    YES! You and Stoney need to make the decision on the musical! I’m wanting to know. I want to know now. RIGHT NOW! :P~~~~~~

    I feel bad that you’re going to Dan’s memorial by yourself. :-( I sure wish I was able to go.

    Give all those grandsons a huge hug/kiss from Auntie Mavis! Love you, hon.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey, don’t feel bad — everyone will understand! It’s just not wise for you to travel right now, and if I were in your place, I’d feel skeevy about it too. Truthfully, it would be a frightful sight — me, giving idiot drivers a beatdown so I could get to the exit for a hospital!! :P

      I hope to see the boys either today or this week — I’ll give ’em a kiss for ya! HUGZ


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