Schmenglish XIII

Actually, there are 23 Schmenglish posts at RtB; I’ve just called about half them by different titles. But only 23 in four and a half years? That seems strange, now doesn’t it? Well, time for the return of the Grammar Hammer®. Behold, some incredibly picky, pedantic observations:

  1. This morning, I read a comment that contained the saying, “It’s a doggy-dog world.” Actually, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and that ain’t no lie. (Any Temps fans out there?)
  2. I also read, “Feel free to contact Mrs. Smith or myself if you are interested.” OK, remove “Mrs. Smith or” from the sentence. Myself thinks that’s a really awkward use of a reflexive pronoun. But that’s just myself.
  3. I plan to attempt to rain in reign in rein in my tendency to snark on about grammar.
  4. My older son is the spit and image of his mama. (I’ve committed this transgression too, many times.)
  5. We mustn’t “hone in on” a thing. If you want to narrow your focus, you “home in,” like a pigeon returning to its perch. Once you’re there, you can “hone” (or sharpen) it. I need to watch this one, too.
  6. “We’ll goat him into giving up the secret password.” Actually, you’d never get it out of me unless you goad me. However, goading me into divulging it would definitely get my goat. Clear?

So many more, so little time. And of course, don’t take me too seriously; the above simply represent my particularly petulant predilection for pedantry. Please porgive pyself.

Pink out. :P

6 thoughts on “Schmenglish XIII

  1. RD

    You gave me some good insights and accompaning laughs to start my day. Even though I’m guilty of sometimes butchering grammar and spelling, I and myself love you schmenglish blogs!


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