Roughing it

Well, not really. ;-) The Thriller and I have finished our bookings for the Odyssey, due to blast off on 12 June. We’re staying at a couple of lodges out in the middle of nowhere, sort of; and those who know me know that excursions like that are definitely not in my standard repertoire of Stuff I Like To Do. Heh.

Our first stop of this kind will be theĀ Lake McDonald Lodge, inside Glacier National Park in Montana. It is going to be a fun stay……with no internet access, and no television. Not that it’s an emergency, yo. Civilization during the day, but at night, it’ll just be the two of us, the cabin, the forest, the conversation, and the critters. Should be a fantastic break from the norm, and we will adore the peace and quiet without electronic interference.

But truthfully — I’m glad it’s only for one night. :-) Not that the TV thing bothers me; it doesn’t. I can do without TV. It’s that dang internet and phone access…

Anyway. I’M FINE WITH IT. Get over it.

We’re spending three nights at theĀ Crest Trail Lodge, which will serve as a “home base” of sorts as we visit several other places for daytrips (Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Seattle). That’s the part of the trip that will be most strenuous with hiking and general walking, so we plan to enjoy some fun downtime the next two days in Oregon.

Gee, can you tell I’m looking forward to the end of the school year? Not that I’m stressed, mind. I can quit thinking about upcoming performances and budget/program cuts anytime I want…


2 thoughts on “Roughing it

  1. Mavis

    I’m so jealous!!!! The lodge in Montana sounds right up my alley. You’ll have to take pictures and post them when you get internet/phone access again. ;-)

    This is going to be a fabulous trip, honey. Enjoy every minute of it – and leave the stress behind you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I will post photos post-wilderness. :P Can’t wait to take off — I will keep you posted the whole way!


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