Ok, so I stole this idea from another blog I happened upon this morning. I liked it because it made me write out a list. Prioritize. (“But, I want fifty things on my lists…”)

I’m a terrible list-maker, you know; anyone in my family can tell you that (especially the Thriller). So this was good for me.

Here are my lists, then. Items are in no particular order.

7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die

  1. Write something really great
  2. Conquer my fear of flying
  3. See my grandchild(ren) grow up
  4. Retire
  5. Win the lottery (although that means I’d actually have to play)
  6. Take that Europe trip with Mavis (provided I pull off #2)
  7. Pay off my mortgage and enjoy life more

7 Things I Can Do

  1. Put in 70-hour work weeks and still manage to stay somewhat sane
  2. Sing & play a few instruments
  3. Write pretty well
  4. Teach pretty well
  5. Speak intelligently about football and baseball
  6. Cook
  7. Try to be a good wife, mom, Grammie and friend

7 Things I Cannot Do

  1. Teach elementary-aged classes (I prefer secondary: same circus, bigger clowns)
  2. Stay mad (life’s too short)
  3. Be disloyal to my friends
  4. Eat broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms (you get the idea)
  5. Intentionally embarrass a student (unless I’m given the teenage sassmouth — then the gloves come off)
  6. Abide bigots, overly aggressive, loud, or mean people — they make me say bad things
  7. Shop without spending money

7 Things I Say Most Often

  1. “Ah, nuts.”
  2. “Nice.”
  3. “Ha you durrin, henny?”
  4. “You do that and I’ma come out swingin’.”
  5. “I mean, we may as well do it right.” (Repeated ad nauseam from September through June. I’m certain my students could probably come up with quite a few that I don’t even remember saying. But I reserve the right to deny having said them.)
  6. “Ya know…”
  7. “I hate everything and everyone. Except you.”

7 Celebrity Crushes

(“Crush” is a strong word…let’s just say “dreamy-yet-shallow admiration based solely upon facial features”)


  1. Johnny Depp (s’prise)
  2. Joel Gretsch
  3. Robert Downey, Jr. (one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen is Heart and Souls)
  4. Mark Harmon (especially in his St. Elsewhere days, when Denzel Washington first became a star and Howie Mandel had hair)
  5. Al Pacino (in the Godfather days)
  6. Keanu Reeves
  7. Tom Cruise before he was crazy

So, uh…what’s your seven? Putting your list in the comment section would make me happy.

Fink out.

9 thoughts on “Seven

  1. Stoney

    Before I die:
    1. Retire
    2. Go to Italy
    3. Lose 50 pounds
    4. Shut my mouth when it is inappropriate to open it
    5. Stop waving my arms around when I am trying to make a point
    6.Accept the fact I cannot sing and will
    never be a brodaway star.
    7. Read many books

    I cannot:
    1. Eat lima beans
    2. Sing
    3. do Math
    4. Be mean to people
    5. mow a lawn in a straight line
    6. touch snakes, spiders, praying mantis’, frogs, toads, crickets, grasshoppers, ect. I don’t like insects.
    7. swim like a normal person.

    I say repeatedly:
    1. You are on my last nerve
    2. I am not doing this again
    3. Why do I do this?
    4. Get away from me
    5.I have had it
    6. This stinks
    7. SIT DOWN

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Ah, Stoney my friend:

    Before you die #5: You must embrace your inner Italy, doll. No way you’re getting around it. It’s in your DNA.

    You cannot #7: How exactly do you swim??

    You say repeatedly #s 1-7: Yep, I’ve heard them all for sure. #4 especially cracks me up.

    But where is your “Things I Can Do” list? Or would you like me to do that one for you?

  3. Stoney

    Ha! I can
    1.clean my house well
    2 eat continually
    3.sing really poorly
    4. Fall down for no apparent reason (as I just did in a public parking lot)
    5.Annoy Terry
    6. make up my own word pronunciations
    7.and find the most annoying students who won’t “get away from me.”

    As far as swimming, I look like a cross between a dog and a frog. . .

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  5. meg

    7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die

    1. Be a successful woman in the medical profession
    2. Go on a missions trip to Lima, Peru
    3. Roadtrip with Alexandra
    4. Witness a true miracle by God
    5. Become the best dang wife and mother i can possibly be
    6. master another instrument
    7. go on an alaskan cruise

    7 Things I Can Do

    1. listen. I have learned that simply listening to a friend can mean a lot. some people haven’t learned that
    2. play 3 instruments. and all 3 pretty well
    3. Burp…yessire
    4. i play softball pretty darn good
    5. i am a physical therapist in training so i can crack ya, rub yeah, ‘replace’ ya, and fix ya…sort of haha
    6. bake the most amazing chocolate chip cookies in the world
    7. swim

    7 Things I Cannot Do

    1. shoot a gun. I am annie oakley and i can’t shoot a gun… great =]
    2. be within 1/2 a mile of a train. i HATE trains. my worst fear
    3. Be disloyal to a friend
    4. I cannot NOT be affectionate. its embedded in my DNA. if you don’t want hugged or smooched stay clear :]
    5. run long distances. heck, look at me
    6. go through a day without the power of prayer
    7. read books for pleasure. i read like 2 a year

    7 Things I Say Most Often

    1. “What the crap!?”
    2. “Maaaaannnn”
    3. “Hey, Babe”
    4. “MOTHER!!”
    5. “Thank you, Jesus”
    6. “…”
    7. “Dude, there’s no food in this house!”

  6. meg

    guuurrrtar. goin on my 3rd year playin think?? i actually just finished up ummmm…i was in charge of leading music for a youth camp a few weeks ago. A friend, Rhonda Flynn, and i played guitars and sang for it. it forced me to learn some new stuff. she’s been playin for like 30 years so i had to work to keep up but i’m glad i did it. hahhaa

    got the flute down to a science, and of course a lil paineeer and some voice lessons thrown in there. and a few weeks of attempted oboe playin…umm yeah. pssshhh! :P

  7. Mavis

    Before I Die:

    1. Have my own house.
    2. Get back to 130 pounds.
    3. Be able to walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.
    4. Take ANY trip with Fink.
    5. Write about my life.
    6. Stop smoking!
    7. Wear high-heeled shoes.

    Things I Can Do:

    1. Smoke – and do it well.
    2. Gasp for air while walking.
    3. Not mind my own business.
    4. Decorate fairly well.
    5. Make killer chicken nuggets!
    6. Watch HGTV until I’m blind.
    7. Love my family.

    Things I Can’t Do:

    1. Eat pudding, yogurt, peanut butter – it’s a consistency thing.
    2. Start the book on my life.
    3. Can’t whistle.
    4. Can’t wrap a decent looking Christmas gift – I always get Finkles to do it for me. ;0)
    5. I can’t stop making fun of my husband.
    6. I can’t stop worrying.
    7. I can’t abide noisy neighbors!!

    Things I Say Most Often:

    2. Well…crap.
    3. This ain’t happening.
    4. The bathroom is not your personal closet!!!
    5. Git yer bone! (my dog, Abby)
    6. Life’s a B**ch, and so am I.
    7. I’m proud of you, Berd!

    Celebrity Crushes:

    1. Depp – you can’t improve on perfection.
    2. Robert Downey, Jr.
    3. Tom Selleck
    4. Tony Shaloub – yeah, I’m weird.
    5. Brad Pitt – the early years.
    6. Keith Urban
    7. Robert Conrad – even now!


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