She’s the human thesaurus

And good thing, too, because one word simply cannot describe the caper. Here are a few extras that might be used:

And don’t forget potentially brilliant (if he hadn’t been caught, that is).


Folks, we need to get Shorty. El Paso/Juarez hold some fun memories for me, and it’s sad that the area is a war zone now.

I had me some great times in Juarez back in 1979, when I was hired to sing at a club in El Paso called The Cinders, which is now defunct, torn down, or renamed, as far as my research can reveal.

It was a month-long engagement, at the piano bar with a great jazz pianist named Luis Méndez. I’ve lost track of him over the years…

On a couple occasions, Louie would call in two of his friends — bass player and drummer — to play with us. It was great fun. I learned an awful lot about jazz that summer, at only 20 years old. I’ve never forgotten it.

cinders2And my students will laugh at these photos because I actually had a real tan (living at the pool every day for a month in 100+-degree heat and sunshine will do that). And check out the curly hair. Yep, I paid good money for that.

And speaking of spending good money…time to get back to writing about the history of public school music in America. ZzzZzzzz…..

Fink out (as in “unconscious”).

7 thoughts on “She’s the human thesaurus

  1. BoomR

    Oh, good lordy…. Doesn’t THAT bring back a memory or 10?? I met Luis a couple times on some of the first gigs where I heard you sing. You knocked me out back then (and still do, sistah… *smewch*)

    When are you coming to Dallas to sit around the pool & work on your savage tan? Bright sunshine right now & high of 81 today :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      81! Ugh, not fair. And I swear, before I die, I am going to go to Big D and visit you and Blu at your beautiful home! And maybe sit in at your club too, mayhap???

      And you ain’t no slouch either, babe…we made some great music together back then, didn’t we?

  2. BoomR

    Oh, man…now I’m having rolling flashbacks! What was that hotel in Mansfield where I first came & heard you sing? Was it on 30? You know I was just thinking about you last night at dinner with Bluvox & Mom Bluvox – talking about going to Cape Cod in Sept for a weekend… and you singing CC **immediately** popped into my head! **sigh** I miss yew!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      “…miles of green beneath a sky of blue…”

      I still love that song! At risk of sounding really old, Boom Boom…they just don’t write ’em like that anymore. I miss you too, sweetness!

  3. RD

    As far as I can tell, the only thing that has changed in you is the hair style. And this is from a basketball official. Everyone knows I have great vision!


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