Using “bedizened” in a sentence

I must say, it’s impressive, albeit a bit pretentious. Leave it to the Times.

It’s time for a Bando Godspell update. Bando…grace us, please! I need a laff today.

All right, I’m off to start studying. It’s almost 8 a.m. and I promised myself I’d bury my head in this box all weekend (except if #1 Son calls for me to watch Jakey…then all bets are off).

Shocking. What next? A rapper hitting his girlfriend???

Only four more Saturdays until Kay comes home from Slovenia. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Using “bedizened” in a sentence

  1. Bando

    Sorry, Bando just awoke from a pain med cocktail mixed after her 4 hour company dance rehearsal this morning. (Ok, I ate an Aleve and played with MiniBando for awhile). Anyway…only two laughable Godspell moments for public consumption this week:
    #1: When I informed the drama (idiot) guy for at least the 10th time (literally) that Tower of Babble would not be sung in any way, shape, or form, he asked if that would make the production “lose anything”. I replied that it would lose a dog of a song that is a horrible way to start a show. Maybe he finally has figured out that I’m serious. Probably not, but maybe.
    #2: I got to hear same drama doofus make an attempt at the rhythmic lines of the first act, namely the “There once was a king…” parable. It sounded like an arhythmic, Tourette’s-suffering meth addict on full tilt. I can’t even describe it in print.
    Hate to break it to you, RF, but it doesn’t look like the ladder tree from Fantasticks is making a return for Godspell. I could be mistaken, though…..You must come see for yourself!

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      OMG I laughed out loud at this. You came through for me, Bando. “Tourette’s-suffering meth addict…” HAAaaAaAaahHaAAa

      Send me your rehearsal schedule! Stoney and I want to come and see the show, but of course, our two shows run at the same time (I went to your district site yesterday and looked). Crap!

      Could we maybe come to a dress rehearsal some night or Saturday soon? Mail!

      Hugs to Tall Bando….


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