Shopping, shopping…

I went to bed early last night; much to do today and tomorrow. Ugh. Not looking forward to the chores, with the exception of shopping for Jakey’s Christmas gifts.

The Thriller has many ideas for Jake, most of which involve nostalgic toys that he thinks are cool. I’m excited to see what he’s come up with, since he has chosen to keep all these ideas a big secret.

I really think he’s just afraid that I’ll choose something too girly. Now why would I do that? My only worry about the Thriller’s choices is their age-appropriateness. I can see him schlepping down the aisle at Toys ‘R’ Us with a motorized Hummer.

I’m looking for stuff for a 15-month-old boy. Any suggestions out there? He already has a ton of clothes, and other family members are getting him books, so I don’t think we’ll go that route this time. I know he really won’t care if it’s big or little (nor will his parents), but I want something unique. Hmmm.

Fink out (shopping).

4 thoughts on “Shopping, shopping…

  1. Sam

    My nephew liked the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. It’s pretty cool… it plays 8 different Mozart compositions with buttons that allow you to add or subtract certain instruments. It will teach little Jakey how different sounds/instruments combine to make a musical masterpiece.

    (Quite the salesman, aren’t I?)

  2. Ladybeams

    These are really neat for the child and the parent, and they are very unique. It’s called Ribbon. With the age of your nephew you would want the one titled “Arrival” for age appropriate. It’s a small catalog of stuff and they can look through it, pick what they want or need, order it online and it’s shipped right to their door. Everyone I’ve ever given one to has loved it! There’s quite a selection if you have other gifts you need to get also. Good luck. It’s been a long time since my son (20) was that age. LOL

  3. Charlie

    I just bought my three year old cousin a Glock 19. I know it’s inappropriate to joke about that sort of thing, which is why I’m not joking.

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Charles, Charles….

    Glocks are works of art indeed, and I don’t know of a 3-year-old who wouldn’t want one. But seriously, wouldn’t it be more fun to buy him weaponry that will at least allow him to eat the ammo?


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