Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’…

Holy blizzard warning, Batman. It’s snowing out there. The only way I’m getting out this morning is by sleigh. Guess I’ll stay in.

Rousseau (who slipped on the stairs last night and is limping today, poor puppy – he’s on vet watch) went out this morning in snow up to his shoulders. I played “Find the Street” from my front porch…

…as well as “Where’s the Driveway?” from my back porch:

My poor Ford Ranger is still at the school. I was teaching my last-period class yesterday, and #1 Son appeared at the door, saying he was there to drive me home. Good thing, too – truck would have never made it up the big hills. And there I’d be…in the ditch, hairdo ruined, coffee spilled…

*shudder* I can’t think about it. It should be interesting indeed when he and the Thriller go to the school tomorrow to drive/drag it home. I’ll have them take a picture – I’ll post it here if it’s interesting enough.

Anyway, thank you, Seamus – you’re my hero!

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