Is this a test?

It’s going to be the death of me.

And my show.

Lately, every morning at 5 (sometimes earlier), I come downstairs and check the weather. More times than I’d like to think, I’ve seen something like this:


This is not a winter storm warning. This is a test – from God. Title of test: Mounting a Musical Theater Production with as Little Rehearsal as Possible.

Of course, I don’t have it as bad as my friends in Concord, New Hampshire over the last few weeks, but hey – anything’s possible. And with the way my cast and I have been scoring in the luck department, it’ll probably happen.

Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a cholera epidemic. Or the school will lose power for a week.

Or maybe all our tails’ll fall off…


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2 thoughts on “Is this a test?

  1. Mavis

    Yes, a mighty test it is. But, you and your choral troupe will prevail as you always do. And God will sit back in his easy throne……and wink.

  2. Mallo

    You’ve passed every test I’ve seen you take. The harder the test, the higher you score, year after year after year. And it’ll happen again. You’ll see.


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