Don’t you hate going back to work after a holiday/long weekend? Man, was it rough to drag it out of bed yesterday. I felt like a total slug. (Here, of course, is where all the pensioners in Finkville chime in and say, “What? Drag it out of bed? What is this ‘drag it out of bed’ of which you speak?” Why, I oughta…  :twisted: One day, I shall be one of you. One day.)

I slinked everywhere. You know, like in the old cartoons when a person would turn completely flat and slide down a staircase like a piece of human carpet? That.

However, now that the first few rehearsals are out of the way, I feel somewhat more energized. After the 4th night of being at school from 7 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., the old routine is starting to kick in, and I’m not as exhausted this morning as I was after the last late rehearsal. It’s all coming back to me now…

I hope your Tuesday was good — did you cook out? We did not. We ran and drove and erranded and had some fun and worked. Not enough grandson time, though. Hopefully, we can fix that in the coming weeks.

But the biggest “deal” of the last 24 hours is that I did not bring any work home. None. I think it’s time I learned how to leave some of school at school. I might be a bit further behind, but so far, I feel no ill effects.

So far. Haha

Have a great day, fiends. It’s 5:40 and I’m off to the races.

2 thoughts on “Sluggo

  1. David

    “Drag it out of bed…eh?” As one of your flock who happens to be a semi-pensioner (just means I only take the jobs that make me mucho pesos) I ma an earlier riser, 5am or the vicinity, have been since the stint in Ashland.
    We got hit with another round of flooding yesterday (see fb video & pics) so my sorry butt will also be working from sunrise to sunset just to save the road for the next oh, week or so. Condo by the beach is sounding really good right about now!
    I know you’ll kill it with the rehearsals…just how you are hard wired! :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ugh, more flooding! I hope it doesn’t take too long this time. So sorry to see it! Looks like you’ll be hanging up your pensioner hat for quite awhile. Just keep saying to yourself, “Ireland and Scotland, Ireland and Scotland…” :-D


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