So that was awesome

…she says, in her best Chris Farley voice.

I’m still trying to find the words to describe the bizarro/creepy/tear-down-the-entire-house-to-change-a-friggin-light-bulb factor of yesterday’s post comment. Let’s just call it “special.” I had thoughts of deleting it, preferring only positive karma in Finkville, but I decided to keep it for posterity’s sake. Who knows, maybe someone will need that information someday….anyway, I’ve edited the post to remove all traces of the fact that I did not post his complete resumé or know his correct album count (whatzat tell ya, sweety?). I live to avoid offending tender sensibilities.

Subject change to a humble, nice (but sadly, no longer with us…how poignantly unfair) celebrity.

I’m reading The Chris Farley Show, the new biography written by Chris’s brother, Tom, and Tanner Colby.

The poor guy — a comic genius, characterized as such by every person affiliated with Saturday Night Live who was interviewed for the book — suffered with demons that we should all thank the Lord we don’t carry around with us. Under the constantly-joking, fun exterior, there lived a sweet, gentle, insecure boy who desperately wanted to win the approval and affection of those around him — especially his father.

Admittedly, I didn’t watch a lot of SNL during Farley’s tenure on the show. That was when the comedy wasn’t real funny to me. It was just one b**** wh*** sl** joke after another, and I got tired of it. But what I saw of him — especially the “Motivational Speaker” and “Super Fan” sketches — was hysterical.

The most compelling, and oft-repeated, fact in the book from the interviewees is when they comment about “what Chris was really like.” Many of them said the same thing: “Watch Tommy Boy. That’s Chris.”

Having seen Tommy Boy a couple of times, Chris was someone I would have liked. I recommend the book highly, especially to SNL fans.

Fink out (on the town today).

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