So what’s the big deal?

I’m finding lately I say things like, “I don’t get why people go gaga about this” and “I don’t think this or that is funny” and “What’s the big deal?” way too often. Am I cynical? Or just a snarky old hag? Probably a little of both and some other stuff, too. For ink-stance:

  1. Taylor Lautner – unhandsome. What’s all the fuss about? (Now let’s get him some rhinoplasty and we’re talkin’ turkey.) Robert Pattinson has a beauty about him, but nothing outrageously stunning. Kristen Stewart? Meh. (But I did enjoy the Twilight books and the first movie. I guess you can add “gooey sap” and “undiscerning” to my list of self-descriptors.)
  2. I didn’t find the SNL spoof of Twilight funny (and I’ve watched it twice in the last 3 days).
  3. The one time I root for the stupid Denver Broncos…sheezly.
  4. I think I’m one of eight people in the country who think Jay Leno is unfunny.
  5. Why is it that my morning quiet time flies by, while all the other times, when I’m doing things I have to do, drag?

I covet your thoughts. What do you look at and ask, “What’s the big deal?” Could be I’m just having a snippy day. I try not to have those too often.

But on the bright side — happy birthday, Mavis! Yay!!!


20 thoughts on “So what’s the big deal?

  1. Hiltbrunner

    I’m not a big fan of Jay Leno as far as his show. Somethings are funny, but meh.

    However I think he is an awesome person. I would love to get a tour of his garage.

  2. PKPudlin

    Hey Finkly,

    I’m with ya on #1. Guess it’s my age. I’d much rather watch Sean Connery do anything. Anything. Like wash the dishes. Anything at all….

    I’m also with ya on #4. Ho-hum, big time.

    Can’t say much about the Broncos, being highly allergic to football and all…

    I can say, however that there is something depressing about wearing capris and sandals in November. You can take the girl out of the North….


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey, there’s been some indian summer weather up here like that! Kids wearing shorts to school, 80 degrees outside (in north central Ohio!). Crazy!

      And contrary to what the gal said on your Facebook, I happen to adore sweaters!

      1. PKPudlin

        That gal is my daughter – she’s just pullin’ my chain, as she has done most of her life LOL.

        My sweaters are hand-made for me by my Grandma, which makes them even more special.

        Now if I could just WEAR them once in a while….


  3. Mavis

    Thanks for the b’day wish, sissy! I must say I agree on #1. I just don’t see it. #2. Can’t comment on SNL. I never watch it. There’s no Bulushi..Murphy..Murray. #3. GO VIKINGS! #4. If I had to choose between Leno and Letterman, it would have to be Leno. Letterman makes me (what do you say?) “itchy”. I hope your day gets less “snippy” my darling. :0) Love you!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It ended up not being snippy at all. High school choir did not melt down as expected, HA. (Now Black & Gold was another issue…sheez)

      Hope you had a relaxing birthday, Mave — can’t wait till the feasting on Sunday!

  4. Suzanne

    I never even heard of the people mentioned in #1. Perhaps that’s a good ting? :) Living in Europe has many many advantages :)

    I never got Grey’s Anatomy. Or Boston Legal. I tried but thought they were stupid programs. And I am a program expert. EXPERT I tell ya.

    Love Jay. And David. And Conan. All bring their own sort of energy to their talk shows. Get Conan going on some ad-lib and I bust a gut. :) I used to see Jay on CNBC but now that he’s in the new time slot I haven’t seen him and I miss him. He’s probably the cleanest man in Hollywood, someone to be looked up to, but unfortunately people look up to the trashy Hollywood peeps.

    I miss college football.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Funny you should mention Boston Legal. I tried to get back into it, but I couldn’t reconcile myself to what had happened to James Spader. Such a GORGEOUS specimen in Stargate, and now…oh, dear. I guess it can happen to anyone – even me! LOL

  5. Krissy

    Agree with you on #1. I mean I find Taylor Lautner to be slighty attractive simply because he now has muscles galore but other than that, no. The SNL spoof made me scratch my head. Not funny at all. I’m also one of those 8 who doesn’t think Jay Leno is funny. Now I’m off to Calculus…. what is the big deal with calculus? :-D

  6. Kodye

    #2 I didn’t find that SNL spoof funny either, but the people I was with laughed so hard, they cried. Keep in mind one of those people was Jamie, and she’s easily amused.
    #3 My dad said the exact same thing last night, but I kind of know how you feel. Sunday was the first time ever I rooted for the Ravens… with similar results.
    #4 If I’m not included in the 8, can we bump it up to 9? I’ll take Conan and Jimmy Fallon over Jay Lame-O anyday.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Dude! I am on Google Wave. I just haven’t messed with it yet. We need to figure out a wave date and start to wade through it together. After 1 December, I am FREE BIRD

  7. Sam

    I don’t think the SNL Twilight spoof is funny (along with everything else they produce)… I just thought it was well done. They put quality into their satires.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yabut…if it ain’t funny, where’s the quality? I guess satire doesn’t *have* to be funny…but I thought their purpose was to make people laugh.

  8. Will

    The ratings fr Leno’s show haven’t been as good as NBC was hoping so I’m pretty sure it’s more than the 11 we’re up to that don’t much care for him. As for the cast of Twilight, yeah, no. Not at all interested in a single blasted one of them, especially Robert Pattinson. He’s too skinny and too pale. Looks like a bleached popsicle stick.


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