Taking some advice

Know what? I think I’m going to take Suz’s advice and take the day off. I shouldn’t. But I’m going to. I still haven’t watched Mad Men from last Sunday.

To all those involved with Bye Bye Birdie, from cast to crew to orchestra (yay!) to my fellow directors — a huge thank-you! It was great. Despite all the illnesses and other roadblocks too numerous to mention, the kids did it again. A fine show.

I awoke this morning (late — almost 7:15!) to find the customary post-show sickness setting in. I’ll just live on DayQuil/NyQuil for the next few days, and all will be well. Now to get this thesis done so I can go back to being Grammie…

But first: coffee and Mad Men and a holiday. Life is good (and quiet). Well done, cast. Next year: 42nd St.

Fink (chilling) out

22 thoughts on “Taking some advice

  1. Mavis

    To all those who read this wonderful blog – I went to the show last night. It was one of her best! Despite all the sickness going around, the directors, cast and crew were spot on. It was a FABULOUS show! Sam – you made me cry when you sang, “Talk to Me”. Beautiful voice.

    42nd St.?!! YAY!!!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you Mave! “Talk to Me” was my ultimate favorite of the show, too. That boy can sing, no?

      And leave it to Stoney & me to be on the phone for a half hour this morning, talking about 42nd St…sheesh! Gluttons, I tell ya…

      1. Meg

        I agree with Sammy. We have the two best directors on the planet! :) Thank you so much! What a great *bang* for Sam and my senior year. You gals are awesome!

  2. Stoney

    I came home last night and immediately googled 42nd Street. Then I went to Youtube and watched different numbers from the show. I am so excited-excellent choice Fink.

    I will be ordering the perusal in no time. Yah!

  3. BoomR

    Gurl you better hurry up & get caught up on MM because I **think** the season finale is tonight!! How did that many shows go by so quickly? And what the heck is up with Sal? When they gonna bring him back?? LOL

    I’m SOOOOO thrilled for you & proud of how you & the gang put on such a great production this year! Wish I could have popped in for one of your shows ala your birthday party (LOL), but just wasn’t in the cards right now.

    Have a couple shots of DaQuil/NyQuil & get to feeling better soon!

    Boom Boom

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yes, I think the finale is tonight! I’ve been having the Thriller automatically record it so I can watch it on the following Sunday afternoon. I still haven’t stopped this morning to watch the one from last week — I’m doing that right now! POOR SAL…I have a feeling he will be back, though, just like I have a hunch that the writers will bring Joan back. They’ll never hear the end of it if they don’t!

      I wish you could have come to Birdie too. Kids did well. And now we’re on to 42nd St. for next year…what a couple of lunatics.

      Love you! How’s BV?

      1. BoomR

        Just got back from dropping BV off @ the airport – headed to Vegas for work for 2 weeks. Was really strange-I’m the one usually getting dropped off @ the airport! I’m headed there for a 3.5 day weekend Thurs afternoon. Gonna see Cirque du Soleil: Beatles Love :-)

        So 42nd Street, eh? Fun show! I’m guessing you’ll start your cuts in the book later in the week after the music arrives, eh? LOL :-)


        1. Rat Fink Post author

          PS – I am JEALOUS about Vegas! Have fun, doll! (I think we’re stopping there on the way back from San Bernardino this summer…should be fun)

  4. Suzanne

    Good for you, kiddo! I hope you have a nice relaxing day. Thriller too! You both deserve it. Congrats on the success of the show. :)

  5. Kodye

    Great show last night! I was there and loved every second of it. The leads did well, and everyone on stage was alive at all times. The energy on stage was so high that you could tell these kids loved doing the show… or they’re just all really amazing actors and can fake it. Either way, great job to everyone involved!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Kody! You are right — I think the kids really loved it. We are already hearing lots of excited talk about 42nd Street. The bug has bitten many of them, which is incredibly cool.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

  6. RD

    Congrats to you and to everyone involved on a successful show. All of you worked very hard and overcame numerous obstacles. I was rooting for you — from Florida. I’m glad you took a day off. I assume you’ll be watching “Mad Men” tonight. Isn’t it the final episode? Take care of yourself.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey! Thanks, pal. I’m sorry the schedule didn’t work out for you and Bonnie to come this year. Maybe next time?

      We’re having a bit of Florida weather here today – Indian summer. Glad to hear you’re starting to officiate basketball down there again. So, what color *are* the refs’ jerseys??

      Yep, MM season finale tonight. I’m staying up for it!

  7. Greg

    27 scenes to choose cuts from!!! The backstage area will definitely be very full!!! We need a meeting with the three of us before auditions!!!!


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