No, I’m not talking about unsolicited email or the fabulous Python skit. Rather, check it out — I’d totally forgotten that there is actually a museum devoted to Spam:

Is that not just awesome? For those of us old enough to remember, Spam (taken from “spiced ham”) was big back in our parents’ and grandparents’ days, namely, WWII and through the seventies. My mom loved to cook it with eggs and hash browns.

I never really adored it, although I loved (and still love) corned beef — Spam’s bovine cousin. Funny how it’s called corned beef but there’s no corn in it. Anyway.

Did anyone else grow up with Spam? Nowadays, few would admit they still eat it. Probably nobody should eat it. Pinkish mystery meat. Hey, doesn’t that also describe hot dogs, which Americans pound down like it’s their job??


All right, that’s enough. Off to the showers. Have a Finky day.

6 thoughts on “Spamtastic

  1. Stein

    My grandma insisted that she never used spam. However she did use something she called “fried bologna” which I’m sure was the same thing. Can this be confirmed? She’s a country lady and I’m not used to the terms…

  2. Suzanne

    MMMMM fried spam! On white bread slathered with mayo and a little mustard! MMMMMM!!!

    Stein, we also used to fry bologna and ate it the same way we did spam — white bread, mayo and mustard. Yummy!

  3. Ladybeams

    My mother is still a freak for spam. I never knew about the museum. I’m more the M&M museum type. LOL. My father wouldn’t eat it or corned beef hash because he used to say they both reminded him of c-rations in the service.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Lady – the guy in the video alluded to that very fact: some war vets swore they’d never touch the stuff again! I can imagine it might bring back some unpleasant memories…

  4. BoomR

    Pencil me in as one who enjoyed fried Spam sandwiches as made by my grandmother when I’d go over & visit on a Saturday or Sunday.

    …and lest we forget the state that, I believe still consumes the most Spam per capita? Hawaii!! I lived on Maui for 6 years before moving to Dallas. You can walk into any convenience store, mom/pop grocery store, gas station, etc. and find a tray of spam musubi near the cash register (not to mention it’s a staple food at every “local style” luau vs. the luau’s for the tourists). More on spam musubi here:


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