*squirmity restless squirm shrug scratch head cross arms pout*

I don’t know what the deal is. Something doesn’t feel right. Ick. I guess it goes with the territory of He–I mean, Production Week. Was I too snippity with my fantastic sound guy, who makes magic happen in a hideous “performance space” with cement block walls and tile floors? Was I so preoccupied with pit issues that I forgot to really listen to the singers and watch the dancers? Am I going mental?

Truthfully, I think it’s all part of the painting oneself into a corner as opening night approaches. I wish there weren’t three more gigs after this one, but if wishes were fishes…

Still, it was great fun playing with the band, and I think the kids are funneling down to opening in style. Very proud of everyone.

Thanks to my regular RtB fiends (and you know who you are) for hanging in there and reading the rants and tripe. Back to normal lunacy very soon, I promise. I have movies to review. :-)

6 thoughts on “*squirm*

  1. Rae

    No worries — I think most of us who read your blog know a little how you feel. There’s an opera going on where I am, (you know where), and then they’re going to Carnegie Hall to do a show, then back again. It’s…. ya know….. interesting. And makes my stomach flip. Once the dress rehearsal is over, around 7pm today, I’ll feel better. Once you get through the first set of performances, you’ll feel better. We hope….

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Going to Carnegie to do an opera? Where is it in the budget that YOU get to go along, that’s what I want to know! Sounds like you are enjoying the heck out of this new job, and after my madness is over (and if it fits into yours), I have to hear about it over a Bux.

  2. Suzanne

    ” Back to normal lunacy very soon,” haaaa. Inneresting. :)

    I don’t envy you your stress! Things will be great, you will be great, kids will be great and before you know it it will be summer! YAY!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I especially like that last part, about summer!! And I’m glad to read on FB that you’re feeling better. Time to shop for flowers!


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