Summer ritual

Every June, I spend a couple of days preparing for the e(vil)Bay sale. I’m going through clothes, books, movies and other sundry items, in hopes of cleaning out some space. It’s like a garage sale, but with half the work.

I figured this was as good a time as any to do it — a rainy, dreary, chilly day.

Tonight, after I get home from spending time with the Most Amazing Toddlers in the World, the Thriller and I have an appointment:  a cull session. We are going through all of our Route 66 books and maps, as well as collected travel brochures from different cities, and arriving at a ballpark decision about what we can see, and what we have to pass up this time around.

And that is my Wednesday. Oh, and it doesn’t bite that we went to Detroit and came home with more money than we took with us — ScORe!

Rain Fink

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