TBS Pipeline IV

(For those who may not know, TBS/TNT asked the Fink to write about their new stuff once in awhile. I’m still waiting for my present. I hope it’s a pony.)

Ok, I missed the premiere of Raising the Bar on TNT. But check out this preview of tomorrow night’s new episode:

Looks great. But Mark-Paul….the 70s Jesus hair helmet has *got* to go. And the color — yikes. Get rid of the mahogany and bring back the sandy blond.

TNT even made a game out of his character’s hairstyle.

Hey, Randy — Turner’s got you covered when you read the blog at work. If you see the boss coming, click here.


2 thoughts on “TBS Pipeline IV

  1. Mavis

    I’ve watched the first two episodes..WHOA. Looks like Bochco has another hit on his hands. The most evil character on the show – JANE KACZMAREK!! She plays the judge. Talk about a wench on the bench! I enjoyed the show very much, but I agree with your assessment of Mark-Paul’s hair. Yuck.


  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Wench on the bench…HAAA

    I have to watch this tomorrow night. I don’t want to miss too many episodes. It’s just the staying up till 11 on school nights…arrg! And speaking of…..

    Oh, Matheeeeeewwwwwww — Mad Men is on tonight at 10. :-)


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