A grown-up MySpace survey


Made you look. You’re right — there’s no such thing. “How many times did you text your boyfriend/girlfriend last night?” “Are you grounded right now?” “What if your mom walked into your room tonight and…?”

You get the idea. But I do like to read them. I admit it. They give me interesting insight into the habits, feelings, opinions and general wackiness of the participant. And what they *don’t* say is often more intriguing than the answers. You know, the “I’m not telling you that” type of response. They make me wonder what the answer might really be. Ok — it makes me wanna ask ’em. I’m nosy like that. Zwut ya git. If you dangle the carrot, expect people to try and yank at it.

After reading TRO’s site this morning, and linking to a cool survey from there, I kifed some questions from that post as well as from other places.

So in the interest of fun, laziness, and basically attempting the impossible, here is an entertaining, somewhat silly, but still grown-up version of a MySpace survey. I promise there will be no questions like, “Who do you like right now?” So please give me some of your responses. I yearn to learn.

MySpace Survey for Grownups

  1. What was the last thing that made you cry? When my research proposal, red-lined by my prof, was posted in the open class, with my name on it, and offered for public download.
  2. Could you go a day without eating anything? I have done in the past, but I was pretty sick. I’ve also gone all day without eating when I was very upset (divorce, death of my parents, previous question).
  3. What was the last thing you ate/drank? Strawberry Shredded Wheat and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Life is friggin’ fantasmagorical.
  4. Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward? Letting others make you feel any certain way is just that: letting them. It’s a choice. I try not to give people permission to “make” me feel certain ways (unless it’s loved, special, cute, like a princess, etc.).
  5. What is the last thing you yelled aloud? “What…..was THAT!?!” — to my 7th/8th grade choir, when half came in on one verse and half on another.
  6. What did your last incoming text message say? “I could kill them I’m so mad.” Heh. Awesome.
  7. How difficult is your life right now? Two letters should answer that: B.U.
  8. What was the first 45 RPM (or, if you’re not a crusty – tape or CD single) you ever bought with your own money? Wow, that is a tuffy…it was probably “I Want You Back” by the Jackson Five in like 1970. About 5th or 6th grade. Mavis – remember going to the T.I. with our allowance money and buying records?
  9. What do you wish people would do more? Reserve judgment.
  10. How easy is it for you to tell people they’ve hurt/upset/offended you? Not very. I tend to sweep it under the carpet so it can blast up to the surface at some other inopportune moment in the face of friends, family or students who don’t deserve it. But, I’m getting better at telling people. I think I’m getting to that age where it is going to get even easier, too.

Ok – your turn – post some answers and don’t be shy. Yes, even those under 40 can participate. I run a non-discriminatory ship here. (Well, with a few exceptions; mean people can go away. And D***d S**l. He can bite me.)

Fink out.

6 thoughts on “A grown-up MySpace survey

  1. Mavis

    1. Last thing that made me cry: My dry socket. No, not the tool that I didn’t oil – the hole where my tooth used to be.
    2. Could I go a day without eating? Have you seen me lately?
    3. Last think I ate/drank: A diet Faygo ginger ale. Yes, there is such a drink.
    4. Is it easy for others to make me feel awkward? Yes. Instead of unleashing the power of “Mavis” on them, (it could possibly mean a jail sentence for me) I let them make me feel however they want.
    5. The last thing I yelled aloud? Why are my neighbors so friggin’ rude???!!!
    6. Last incoming text message? What’s a text message?
    7. How difficult is my life right now? Can you say, “Hell in a trailer?”
    8. Yes, Fink, I remember buying 45’s with our allowance money. I remember “Ruby” by Kenny Rogers. Wow, I AM old!
    9. What do I wish folks would do more? Think about others and how they feel.
    10. How easy is it for me to tell people they’ve hurt me? Almost impossible.


  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Ah yes, Mavis! “Ruby.” It wasn’t me that started that ol’ crazy Asian war… What a great voice that was.

  3. P.K. Pudlin

    OK, I’ll play your silly game.

    1. A review of our finances (WHAT finances??) with my out-of-work husband.
    2. I have, and I probably should more often. The way things are going now, I probably will.
    3. Breakfast- scrambled eggs and one slice of toast with coffee.
    4. Nobody MAKES me feel anything. Only I can do that. On the other hand, after 20 years in the nursing field (ahem- it’s NOT a profession), I am officially embarrass-proof, which is highly convenient I might add.
    5. “NOT IF IT TAKES UP ALL THE WORKSPACE!!” arguing with hubby about why the clean-as-you-go method while you’re cooking is the best way, especially if your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, like ours is.
    6. “This isn’t good either” from my sister, who lives 30 miles north of Houston. The message was accompanied by pictures of the trees leaning against her house after Ike. I answered,”What, no plans for a skylight???” I’m such a mean big sister.
    7. On a scale of 1 to 10, and I have been to 12 a time or two, it’s about 8.
    8. It may not have been the VERY first, but one of the first was ‘I’m a Believer’ by the Monkees.
    9. Do their homework. Nothing bugs me more than ignorance, unless it’s STUDIED ignorance.
    10. It’s not easy for me, either. I will chew on things for months and end up blaming myself, but that’s a genetic predisposition – my mom could make the Pope feel guilty, and her mom? Fagettit. But, like the Fink, I’m getting better as I age. Turning 50 this year gave me a whole new license to let it out, put it right back where it belongs and not carry it around anymore. The lady in my mirror is beginning to enjoy the gentle treatment she deserves.

    D***d S**l can bite me, too. I’m going to sent him a basket so he can carry a tune.


  4. Rat Fink Post author

    PK! Great to hear from you, lassie. I read your blog – fabulous stuff. You are a smart aleck’s smart aleck. Refreshing.

    I wanted to comment, but LiveJournal makes you join (which I did), but I didn’t have a chance after that. BU is sucking the life out of me, which is fine, but I ain’t got time for nothin anymore.

    I, too, have a postage-stamp sized kitchen. Always clean as you go. RIGHT, LUKE??

  5. Stein

    1. I saw that the stray cat that I had been feeding was roadkill.
    2. Heck no! I guess if I had to, but there’s no gun here, so no.
    3. Cinnamon Life with milk.
    4. Not really, other than stalking me. I go with the flow.
    5. “Get Pryor out of there!!!”
    6. “Brady! Brady!” – Good ole Dad
    7. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’m sick and tired and I’m sick and tired.
    8. To save the age of the other’s here I plead the 5th.
    9. THINK!
    10. It’s hard to do. If I say that it means I’m hurting them in the process. Either that or an explosion of some sort.


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