TBS Pipeline V

Ok, I must say I’m going to DVR the upcoming “Frankapalooza.” On Tuesday, 21 October, Frank Caliendo will have two guest impressionists on his show. The scenes:

  • Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu walk into a diner
  • Superheroes go before Congress about their steroid use
  • David Letterman talks about doing a show for kids
  • Ice-T gets confused over why he’s promoting lemonade (I do not know why that totally cracks me up this morning, but it does — I am *not* getting enough sleep)
  • Oliver Stone has an idea for a new movie: a fresh take on the Clinton-Lewinsky affair

Completely silly.

And over at TNT: I read on the boards that next Monday’s Raising the Bar will feature ex-Cosby show kid Tempestt Bledsoe. (Ok, why the two Ts, really?) I’ve got to go get caught up on all the episodes. Mavis, is it still good?

Oh, and….

At least the wait is over.

Fink outta here

4 thoughts on “TBS Pipeline V

  1. Kody

    You should tell the Thriller that it doesn’t really matter that the White Sox lost to the Rays. Let’s say they get to the World Series, then they would just lose to the Dodgers. No one can stop Manny… no one. I think all his power is in his hair, like Sampson… or Amy Winehouse.


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