…the TV shows of the late 70s? I’ll bet some of you do, either through experiencing them at the time, or watching them as “classic” reruns. I came across a well-written Time article from 1982, reminiscing about the four “biggies” of the late 70s that were summarily canceled by the networks. These were good shows; intelligent, smart-aleck, but never cruel or stupid or crass — unlike today. Can you guess what they are without clicking over?

Is it possible to actually *have* a sitcom that doesn’t deal primarily with sex, imbecilic behavior or women’s body parts (or the pining for same) today? I’m not trying to get all prudish; the premise itself doesn’t bother me, and I know sometimes it is important to story development, but some of the “top” comedies on TV today are insulting not only to women, but to human intelligence in general. Two of the highest-rated sitcoms today are cartoons depicting families as ridiculous, insipid, dysfunctional, inbred feebs. And America yucks it up.

I know there are a few exceptions that folks could name, but that’s my point: they are the exceptions and not the standard. This is why I don’t watch comedies on TV (yeah, I beat you to the “if-you-don’t-like-it-turn-the-channel” punch).

Now dramas….that’s another story. I think they have improved over time.

Of course, there’s my #1 favorite. The characters are multi-layered, and the stories are deep, sad, funny, and symbolic. In fact, there’s little on the set of Mad Men that escapes symbolism. And the writing — somebunny did his research, friend. Right down to the fabrics on the dresses, the wall hangings and color schemes.

What’s your favorite drama, and why? The Fink covets your thoughts.

She also covets sleep and a vacation, but that’s another matter…

6 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. BoomR

    AMEN sister! Coming from someone who’s in the heartland of NASCAR and where all the big high schools have stadiums that rival any NFL facility, it doesn’t surprise me that the 2 animated shows of which you speak do so well. Then again, our respective parts of the country helped elect Dubya for a 2nd term (speaking of yucking up ridiculous, insipid, dysfunctional, etc.)

    The better half (who will be known as Bluvox going forward) and I were glued to the big screen for every episode of CBS’s “Swingtown.” Color me an old fuddy-duddy, but it’s a hoot to watch a TV show that’s set in the early 70’s-ish… Oh, those bell-bottoms, hair styles, the MUSIC, cars, etc… what a hoot to relive all that. And the story lines!

    Suffice it to say that we hope it gets picked up for a second season! If you’re able to get it via On Demand, we think it’s a really entertaining & thought-provoking series!

    Boom…Boom…Boom…Lets go back to my room…

  2. meg

    SPONGEBOB all the way!! naaah, just kiddin. :) i would have to say The Cosby Show has got to be one of the best (and family appropriate) TV shows out there. I rarely see it on TV anymore but if its on i’m watchin it. Today 99.9% of the stuff on tv is crap! I will stick to my sappy romance movies, spongebob…house…and everybody loves raymond. hahaa

  3. BoomR


    Have you checked out Dexter on Showtime? It’s just so dark & cool & “out there” – that’s another one for me when I need a fix of something that’s just a little bit off-center. Michael C. Hall (from Six Feet Under) made the jump from HBO to Showtime & rocks that series!

    On a side-note, I’m in HDTV hog heaven! I returned back to the Big D, and now Verizon as finally stuck a crowbar in their pocketbook & has added WAY more HD channels. Once again, I’m reassured that God loves me – He/She has blessed me with the SciFi channel in HD!!!

    Boom…Boom…Boom…Let’s go back to my room…

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    I do love House! That’s another show I haven’t kept up with. We don’t have any pay channels (the Thriller wouldn’t get *anything* done), so I don’t follow any of the Showtime/HBO stuff. You guys and your SciFi Channel, SHEESH!!!

  5. BoomR

    Hey – where can I catch up on Mad Men Season 1? I was trying to find it on AMC’s Web site, but all I see is teasers. Or do you have the boxed DVD set already? I wanna watch!!!!

  6. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey Boom Boom – I have put the Season 1 DVD on my Christmas Git List! Alas, I don’t have it right now, though, or I’d send it to ya. I think it stinks that other networks offer full-length shows and AMC doesn’t. Rat finks, all of ’em.


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