The big autumn disaster

And no, contrary to what some might think, I’m not talking about Bye Bye Birdie, which, in fact, is going to be a fine show. (Way to start my day: pizzed off.)

Rather, I’m talking about professional sports in Cleveland. This article is disturbing. Yet another house-cleaning seems imminent for the Browns. I’m no doom-and-gloom Bratty McSourpuss (like SOME PEOPLE), but it seems that we’re on a collision course with another dismal waste of draft picks. How many do we get this time, eleven? Wonder how many will leave fans scratching and shaking their heads.

And so what if the Cavs are clinging to first place? Delonte West is doing his best to divert attention to his felonious behavior. A pro athlete in trouble with the law again. Who knew? Seriously, who needs to carry a gun and a 9-inch Bowie knife in his car? From which planet do these people come?

[this section of rant deleted in the interest of the common good] I’m fixin’ to cuss: Geezly Crow!

And so, what was going to be an excited, forward-looking post to opening night tonight has degenerated into so much acrimonious spew. Nice.

I think I need to retire. Or at least go get more coffee.

Fink, straightening skirt and hair

4 thoughts on “The big autumn disaster

      1. Hiltbrunner

        Now you know the only way to see the show is from the backstage.

        What is the ticket availability/price looking like?


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