Well, looky here.

After twenty years of repeatedly rejecting the idea, voters have finally opened the door for casinos to come to Ohio. I owe a friend breakfast. Never thought I’d see the day.

So, does this mean the Thriller and I will eventually say farewell to Greektown in Detroit? Probably. Hmm. That makes me a little sad. Perhaps we will have to go back sometime, just for, you know, auld lang syne.

I wonder if having several casinos within comfortable driving distance will precipitate what I call the “Hard Rock Effect.” Time was, the only cities to have a Hard Rock Cafe were London, LA and New York. Thirty-some years later, it seems *every* major city has one (and don’t worry, the food is still terrible), and the place isn’t special anymore. Yawn.

And looky here: we have one more rehearsal until opening night — and we still haven’t gotten through the show without stopping. Innat nice? Ah well. I’ve seen it before, many times. As I am wont to tell my students: that’s life in the the-ay-ter.

Happy Wednesday — break a leg.

2 thoughts on “Well, looky here.

  1. Kodye

    Random question Fink… What are the odds of me being able to show up to the musical Saturday and being able to buy a ticket at the door?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’d say excellent to stellar, Kodye. Friday night is pretty much sold out, but there are seats aplenty for Saturday — must be an OSU game…


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