The hardest part…

Photo by Jessica Florence

Photo by Jessica Florence

…about the “Monday” after a show:  getting out of bed.

I thought that since I had yesterday off (I can now say I have the “Js and the As,” thanks to my daughters-in-law choosing alliterative names :-) ), I’d feel all rested and ready to jump headfirst into Christmas.

I was wrong.

What I’d really like to do this morning is wrap up in an electric blanket on the couch and read all day. But hey, like Mick Jagger once said…

For those of you who have done theater, you know the job’s not done once the curtain falls and the set is struck. Now there’s the erasing of orchestra books, counting up of scripts, and boxing of all rental materials to get back to Stoney so she can return them to the pirates at MTI in New York, who will most certainly find something wrong enough for them to keep at least part of our deposit on their already-too-expensive show. Ah well. Even scoundrels have to eat, I suppose.

But enough complaining, ja? What a great weekend. Now I hear sleigh bells in my future. Get bizzy!

Hugs to all my RtB fiends for their support and comment love through the Fiddler run. Onward…




4 thoughts on “The hardest part…

  1. David

    Wish you a day filled with PEACE that comes from a job well done!

    Wish you JOY that comes from knowing you made world a tiny bit more beautiful!

    Wish you LOVE that comes from knowing you impact young lives!

  2. Kodye

    Fiddler was amazing. Cast, crew, orchestra, everyone did a great job. Round of applause to everyone for all he hard work they put in.

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks, everyone — Kodye, so glad you could make it to the show, and great to be able to chat for a bit! Best wishes on your upcoming adventure at seminary!

    Suz and David: <3 <3


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