What’s all this?

I know what this is.

It’s the getting up a half an hour earlier every day so I can get to school at the new (earlier) time this year. It’s messing with my writing, and I don’t like it, not one little bit.

Since 4:30 this morning, I’ve made coffee and paid bills. That’s it. It’s now 5:28, and at 5:40, I have to hit the shower and get dressed. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet (I’m plotting what it’ll be as I write this), and I have no idea what I’m going to wear.

Sounds like one of those “let’s get organized” things is about to take place, because going days on end without writing to you ain’t cuttin’ it. Ya know?

The week after a show, I’m usually pretty much useless in the evenings. It’s so wonderful and new to have nighttime free, I rarely get anything done. I guess this has been “that week,” and I don’t really feel guilty about blowing off stuff — especially when I got to spend time at the hospital with A2, my new awesome grandson. Mr. A. is going to be a cool big brother to him.

Well, now that I’ve identified the problem, I need to come up with a solution. Write at night? Sounds like a plan.

Until Dinner Theatre rehearsals start, that is. :-D Have a great Finkday, fiends. It’s the weekend!

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