A little trivia

While looking at a hundred pictures on my hard drive (an activity that Jake enjoys in the early mornings, when it’s just the two of us, and the house is asleep), I found this graphic I made a long time ago for something.

First one who explains it gets the great big fat ol’ Hershey bar in the mail. :-)

Set, go.

8 thoughts on “A little trivia

  1. David

    Well…as I had lost track of the Finkster for a number of years and only recently renewed that relationship, I guess I will have to go buy my own Hershey Bar. Some people have all the luck!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Ha! Mavis wins the prize (but she doesn’t get a Hershey bar…her blood sugar would tailspin, so it’s a big ol’ head of cauliflower for her).

    I never watched Kingdom Hospital, but Nozz-a-la is the drink featured in Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series.


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