The morning after the night before

Ta-daaaah. It’s all over. And I’m still humming those tunes.

Welp, they pulled it off again. Stoney and I, for the 11th year in a row, gave each other a big hug and collectively mused about how the final performance looked nothing like the rehearsal we saw on Monday. And Tuesday and Wednesday. Heh.

Now it’s back to Christmas music, the holidays, concerts, family, friends, and oh yeah — Dinner Theatre. I am giving myself today off, however. Gotta get to the bakery and buy brunch. Then it’s a relaxing afternoon of visiting with friends, watching the Browns game, and catching up on the shows I have on the DVR. As Helen said on Facebook the other day: life is delicious.

Indeedy. :-)


6 thoughts on “The morning after the night before

  1. BoomR

    ONLY today off? Sheesh! You slave driver!! :-) Really REALLY glad that the show went so well for the kiddos & you!! Wish I could have been there….!!

  2. Greg

    Ronn told me later that the show was well-worth his missing “Wheel of Fortune” & “Cash Explosion!!” That’s certainly a great compliment! He loves both of those things. He also said we should have held it over another weekend. Whilst you’re watching the Browns game, I’m returning stuff I borrowed!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know! Ronn talked to me afterwards and said we should extend the run. I thought, “Great…but who’s gonna pay all these people?” :-) Great show, Greggy.

  3. RD

    Congrats to you, your students and your colleagues on bringing off your 11th successful show in a row. It’s a ton of hard work and deep dedication from all concerned (a lot of sweat, blood and tears as the cliche goes), but also a well deserved, huge sense of accomplishment. I think you should take at least two days off! :-)

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks everyone! It was an awesome run. And RD, I’d love a day off! Just trying to decide when my cold might be the worst in order to take a day off for it…I’m thinkin’ Friday might be good!


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