The Road Home – Nevada II

Not much to report this day, as I didn’t post to you until later last night, thanks to Finkweb pitching a fit.

After I posted, we went back down to the casino and yanked back some of our money. It was great fun. I learned from a lady in the elevator that not only does the Orleans have a bowling alley and thirteen theaters, but also a roller skating rink. Mind-blowing, I tell ya.

During the yanking-back session, we got up from playing and noticed that whoever had played beside us left $10 on his VP machine. So we printed out the voucher, took it to the cashier, and explained. He looked at us like we had three heads. We laughed.

We awoke around 5:45 this morning, as light crept over the strip:

Looking forward to the Grand Canyon today! I’ve never been, and the Thriller tells me it is a sight to behold. Definitely one of those things that pictures can’t accurately convey.

So today, we check out and make our way back into Arizona, where we’ll stay in Williams, at The Lodge on Route 66. Awesome.


4 thoughts on “The Road Home – Nevada II

  1. Mavis

    I suppose the cashier doesn’t come upon too many “honest” folks in Vegas. :0) You guys are awesome!

    Gorgeous picture of the sunrise, sweets. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the GC. Have a happy day of travel and be safe!

    Love and miss you both,


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Will do, Mave! I’ll also return your email while we’re on the 4-hour trek back to AZ. This is our last “short” driving day; all the others are 8- and 10-hour monsters, ugh. We love you!

  2. Greg

    Definitely looking forward to some photos of the Grand Canyon–haven’t been there either so “you’re the travelogue!”


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