The Road Home – Nevada

We haven’t been to Las Vegas in 13 years, and boy have some things changed.

We’re staying at the beautiful Orleans Hotel, off-strip. It might be a little different on the strip, say, at Caesar’s, but I doubt it. What I mean is, there are kids everywhere. Everywhere. In the casino, running through the lobby, in the restaurants.

Now you know me; I love kids. But in Vegas? At a casino? I told Mavis this morning that the hotels are apparently competing for shrinking gambling revenues, so why not offer a Disneyland type vacation, and bring the kids, too?

Still, we love the hotel (even though the casino has not been kind to our meager bank). Check out the amenities:

All this is great. The worst part? We’ve played all evening last night and all day today, and we’d take Detroit over Vegas any day. Maybe it’s just a stretch of bad luck, but these things have “sucker” written on them in bigger letters than usual. And we’re good poker players.

Still, we’re having a blast, and I think we’ll go see a movie tonight in one of them there thirteen theaters. Sheesh.

Hope you had a great Tunesday — off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Road Home – Nevada

  1. BoomR

    You will LOVE the drive out to the GC… are you also going to do Hoover Dam? In November, BV & I took a helicopter ride out to Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon. We even landed on the canyon floor & had a little champagne continental breakfast. AMAZING!!

    Now I know how you are about airplanes… but you might want to try the helicopter thing on your next trip to Vegas – WAY worth the $$. In fact, the next time we go back to Vegas for fun, we’re going to do it again!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I am looking forward to the GC! No, we’re skipping Hoover Dam this time. I remember your helicopter ride — and I will live vicariously through your fun experience, because I ain’t getting on no helicopter, LOL.

      Not sure when we’ll get back to Vegas. Not anytime soon. We have another Odyssey in the works *muahaha*


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