The view from 3 a.m.

At least I’m getting stuff done, right? In these last two hours, I have:

  1. bought Jake’s birthday presents
  2. booked my hotel for when I attend my uncle’s memorial service in Illinois next weekend
  3. paid bills (yay for payday)
  4. touched up the gray roots in my hair
  5. packed a bag for the overnighter we’re taking tonight

Speaking of Jake: it’s a rite of passage, I guess, but he has officially requested as a birthday gift “money to spend at the county fair” — the first time he’s asked for something other than toys. He’s a big boy now, going to be all of five years old and attending preschool school every day, taking swimming and gymnastics lessons, going boating with the family and working on cars in the shop with his dad. And the years fly by…

So, pony up your plans for the holiday weekend — what’s shakin’? Anything fun? We get back from Detroit tomorrow, then off to BFF Kay’s for dinner, then the Js, then Dinner Theatre work at school all day on Monday. It is Labor Day, after all. I shall toil at the mines.

Happy weekend to all — love dem Finkdays.

3 thoughts on “The view from 3 a.m.

  1. Mavis

    You poor dear. I sure can relate to the not sleeping thing! Like you, I can fall asleep easily, but can’t stay asleep. It’s sure is frustrating. I hope that new medicine you’re trying helps you. Let me know so I can ask the doctor if I can take it! :-)

    I’m glad that Jake asked for money, because I got him a card and put money in it! :-) He’ll have a great time spending it at the Fair this year. He’s old enough now.

    I thought the memorial service for Dan was on the 15th? Did I get that wrong?

    You and Thriller have a great time tonight/tomorrow!

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Memorial service is the 15th, you are right — I’ve been a week “off” for a week now! HA

        All is good, and I must say I am completely groggy this morning after sleeping for 6 hours straight! I don’t know if it’s the melatonin, or the fact that there was a wild party going on in our hotel until 3 a.m. Who knows?

        But I think it might be worth a try for you!


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