The weirdest day. Ever.

This was my face yesterday.

Suffice it to say that Tuesday was bizarre in so many ways, it would take a long time to explain. I am sorry to be all “Vague-book” here, but that’s all I’ll say about it. J’ever have a day/experience that was so odd, it was all you could think about for awhile?

Strange days, fiends. Strange days. But last night’s rehearsal went quite well, all things considered, so I’m happy.

Anyway — something besides this show. Lessee here…

Take four minutes today (especially if you are — or you love — someone who is, say, over the age of 50). Yay. Go arts.

Well of course he does, dearie. 

I wonder how Bando is doing with preparations for her show. If she checks in today, I hope she’ll inform us.

How is your week going? Did you know it’s half over with? Yay. Go weeks.

And speaking of going — there’s a price to pay for hitting the snooze on your alarm, whether by accident (the first time) or on purpose (the next two times). Have a great Wemsday — see you on the other side!


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