There’s not enough time

I think it’s safe to say that I am a social creature; a textbook extrovert, in that I derive my energy from others instead of from inside myself. Or maybe that’s the textbook definition of needy. Haha. I care not.

I am always thinking about the people in my life — what they’re thinking, what they’re up to now, when I can see them next, whether or not they’re OK. (Sometimes I think about things in a glut: like this morning, I’m wondering about the whereabouts of Ross and TRO — two talented bloggers who frequented RtB a few years ago). So I check on them on Facebook. I “talk” to them in messages and texts and emails, and even occasionally talk to them in person or on the phone. (Please, micro-Luddites, spare me the rants.)

There’s just not enough time these days to do it is all. And I don’t mean that in a broad-spectrum, people-got-to-be-free, we-are-the-world context. I mean I just don’t get up early enough to talk to them all. Really, there’s not enough time.

And you thought I was deep-divin’ today. :-)

How much time do you spend every day in social media, or on the phone or the doorstep, making contact with friends and family? Bet it’s not near enough in your estimation. We really need to correct the rat-race attitude that pervades — dominates — the American lifestyle. I’ma work on that.

With me?

OK, penultimate day of classes in 3…2…1…

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