They can send a man to the moon…

…but they can’t yadda yadda. We’ve all said it. And I’m not talking about cool developments like wrist computers or projection keyboards. Rather, I mean everyday stuff that would just make flippin’ sense.

Some things just need to be invented, and the sooner the better. If we can send people to the moon, we should also be able to come up with:

  1. A magic diet pill
  2. Car tires that never go flat
  3. Processes by which everything is recyclable
  4. Batteries that never die
  5. Lawn grass that just stays the same height all the time
  6. Personal hovercraft that run on air
  7. Unlimited access to all available movies on demand, and not just the stupid, irrelevant and perplexing choices Armstrong includes in their VOD service
  8. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing that is better for you than vegetables
  9. A chip implanted in the brain that instantly enables people to see another person’s viewpoint
  10. ”      ”        ”      ”        ”      ”       ”      ”     ”      ”       ”        ”        ”         ”      ”      to be kind to one another
  11. A mug made of material that keeps coffee and tea as hot as when you poured it

How about you? There have to be things that make you crazy, or incredulous that, with all our technology today, nobody can get right. Ready, set, think and write.

FO (to the school house very soon)

6 thoughts on “They can send a man to the moon…

  1. PKPudlin

    My mom always wanted a refrigerator that, when you opened the door, dinner just flew out onto the table and ready to eat.

    How about an instant exercise machine? You get inside, push a button and you’re done with your workout. No sweat, no muss, no fuss.

    A car that doesn’t use fossil fuel? Oh, sorry. We have had that since Nickolai Tesla. The oil companies are keeping that technology to themselves. Hmmm. *cha-ching*

    I’m convinced that most of the things in the world that don’t work the way they are supposed to or are poorly conceived were designed by someone who would never have to use them. This would account for approximately 95% of literally everything.

    PK, full of razzberries today.


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