This cannot be happening.

Do you know how rarely I get sick? Like, almost never. And yet, here I am, ate up with the nasty sore throat, cough, and accompanying snarkiness. Fortunately, it’s not the stomach kind…like I got hold of some bad cheese or something.

I blame this mostly on middle school students. I don’t know why, but I need a scapegoat, and they just seem sufficiently goaty this morning. If only they didn’t have to breathe…my classroom would stay relatively non-germy.

I told an old college friend that I would come and work with her cast at rehearsal this morning. A 32-mile drive. Usually I wouldn’t mind at all, but I’m dreading it today. I hope I don’t scare the poor kids.

But for now, more hot tea, some oatmeal for breakfast, then a long hot shower. That’s the ticket. This thing will not get me down.

Oh, and DayQuil. Regular doses of it, all day long. Because DayQuil makes the world go around.

Happy Saturday — now go get something done!


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