This is why…

…I don’t like snow days.

  1. I get lazy. I mean it’s the last day of the week fuh cripesake, and I’m all whiny about having to go to work.
  2. It takes forever to get back into the groove at school.
  3. I get stressed out waiting at home, missing rehearsal after rehearsal. And what do I do when I’m stressed? I won’t tell you, but the sound it makes is nom nom nom.
  4. My last day of school this year *was* going to be 27 May. Not so sure now.
  5. Some of my private sector acquaintances complain about how “easy” teachers have it (but neglect to acknowledge the accompanying pay grade).
  6. I can’t get out of my driveway to go see the Js.
  7. #3.

And with the recent wacky weather, more than just schools have had “snow days,” even in places like Texas and Oklahoma. The world’s gone nuts.

But hey, it’s Finkday and all is well. At least until the next storm.

2 thoughts on “This is why…

  1. BoomR

    Check out the video on my Facebook page – we must have gotten like 8″ of snow last night & up until about noon today. BV got yet ANOTHER snow day today, too!! The end of civilization as we know it draws nigh… :-)

    Signed….trying to stay warm in TX!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Unbelievable! I watched your video when I got home from school today. Is there any end in sight to the snow? I noticed it was still snowing while you were filming. What’s the forecast? Criminetly…BV having snow days…gives new meaning to the term “banker’s hours,” ja?? LOL

      I’ll bet Duke and Annie don’t know what to think!


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