Trick or…uh-oh.

Last night was Beggars Night in our town, from 6 – 7 p.m.  On my way home from school (a rare night with no rehearsal), I hit the Wally and stocked up on trick-or-treat candy to give out with my sis Mavis and daughter Simone, who were going to stop by for coffee and a cluck, and to help feed the little beggars in their costumes.

We had roughly 250 treats to give away. We ran out in exactly 22 minutes.

I wish I’d taken photos to show you the enormity of it all. I suppose it goes with living on one of the longest (if not *the* longest), easiest to walk, heavily populated and well-lit streets in town. The houses are all equally accessible; no driveways or long front sidewalks to navigate in order to get to the door, and the homes are conveniently close together and close to the street (more bang for the begging buck).

Here is a picture of my street, taken during a snowstorm a while ago. It’s a typical old avenue with houses built at the turn of the 20th century. Anyway, everyone came to our door — everyone. Twenty-two minutes later, Simone gave out the last of the candy and we had to shut down operations. Amazing. Poor lil goblins.

Next year I’m taking video. I swear you haven’t seen anything like it in years.

Best part of the evening was seeing Jake and Justin. Justin’s bug costume had to come off in order for him to fit in his car seat (Hannah has pictures, though). Jake was a monkey, albeit too tired to cooperate with posing for a picture with the hood on. But I think you can gather the cuteness factor without it:

Monkeys like bananas *and* Diet Pepsi.


All right, I’m out. Buying treats again this morning — my vocal jazz ensemble helped me sort some data yesterday for my delightful curriculum project. I owe them.


2 thoughts on “Trick or…uh-oh.

  1. BoomR

    CUTE pic!!

    And I’m with you with the treats. In my old neighborhood, folks would come in VANloads from other neighborhoods because my street was the same way – wide street, very well-lit, nice neighborhood. I would buy 5-6 Sam’s club sized bags of candy & they’d be gone in an hour…

    Lucky for me I have gigs tonight & tomorrow night, so I’m taking a break from the little goblins this year… first time in many years :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks sweetheart! He is a doll, and so is his brother. And it looks like I’ll be shopping at Sam’s Club instead of Wally next year — holy crap!


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