Trippin’ the creepy meter II

Happy Clown Week. BooOoOOO.

I have referenced my long-ago post about clowns on several occasions over the last two-plus years, for various reasons. I know my fiend Stoney agrees with my oft-restated opinion: to me, clowns are neither happy nor funny. They are, in fact, among the most sinister and nightmarish-looking creatures to ever walk the planet. It matters not what kind of clowns they are, or how many pratfalls they perform, how talented they are at making balloon animals, or how goofy they act. They are macabre, suspect beings who seemingly never fail to leave small children caterwauling in abject terror.

Like many birds of a feather, they also have their own cult. Clowns are like the Branch Davidians, only without David Koresh and all the killing and stuff. They are understood by few outsiders, although you’re welcome to join us in the clowning world anytime…

Thanks all the same, but I’ll pass.

Perhaps the creepiest is the curious and bizarre art form of clown eggs. Once you join the “society,” you are entitled to have your visage recorded for posterity — on an egg. Your face is painted on an egg. For rill. Some of them are actually beautiful; not all are skeevy. (But most are.)

And speaking of inexplicably weird, we go from clowns to Basil Marceaux. A brave patriot for sure, but governor material? Not so much. Or cripes, maybe he’d be great — I mean, the political gene pool isn’t too rich with flora and fauna right now, knowmsayin’?

Speaking of clowning around — today is Justin & Jake Overnight day. Play Doh, sidewalk chalk, sand box, trucks, the park, hide and seek, Dairy Queen and a long bath are the orders of the afternoon and evening. Grammie and Grandpa Thriller just might survive it.


6 thoughts on “Trippin’ the creepy meter II

  1. Mavis

    I never really thought much about clowns…until Pennywise. Yikes. Now, whenever I see one, I wonder what they’re trying to hide behind all that paint. I see myself being sucked into that huge vortex of a mouth they paint on themselves!! *calming down…two pumps of the inhaler*

    Have a great time with J&J, Grammie and Bo-Jack!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know. Pennywise pretty much ruined everything, thank you Stephen King and Tim Curry!

      Hey, wanna come over for a chat today during naptime?

  2. Stoney

    I could not agree with you more :). Where did you find that clown pic? It looks like it is made of cauliflower……shiver me timbers!

    Have a fun-filled day with the grandsons’

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I used to have a subscription to, Stoney. I got all my “rat” art from that site, which was great. But tooooo expensive, so I didn’t renew. Now I use Google Image Ripper pretty much all the time. I couldn’t find an artist on that picture of the clown, so I’ll just let everyone think I designed it. :-)

      I overslept this morning, so I’m ready to face the day with J & J! Should be a fun time, since it’s so nice out this morning. First time in quite awhile I’ve not run the AC in the house. Yay!

  3. The Rhine boy... Adam

    Ronald McDonald… he terrifies me… he is probably the main reson as to why I do not like Mcdonalds at all. NO child wants to see a giant man that has a white face, wears a blood red afro with giant shoes, and is dressed in a yellow jumpsuit. AND he wears gloves! why would a man need gloves when he works with children. In my mind it means uber creeper… and wrong? Gah! I am not afraid to say I’m scard of that man…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know that’s right, Adam. Maybe it’s the garishly overblown features: the huge mouth, the enormous painted-on arched eyebrows, the blood-red lipstick over dirty looking whiteface greasepaint…it all adds up to creeper. I’m sure there’s an aesthetic reason for clowns to be included in our culture, and I’m certain there are many folks who admire and appreciate them. I just ain’t one of ’em!


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