Trippin’ the creepy meter III

Not really creepy at first, as much as disgusting.  From this article in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal:

Many Asians regard all cheese, from processed American slices to Stilton, as utterly disgusting—the equivalent of cow excrement.

Hmmm. And I turn up my nose at bird poop soup. Maybe it’s the same thing. I mean really, what is cheese? Rotted, fermented animal juice. And my wonderful Velveeta? The cast-off waste product of rotted, fermented animal juice.

Food for thought. :P

And speaking of head scratchers, I humbly submit the following for your consideration:

Have a lovely day, fiends. :-)

4 thoughts on “Trippin’ the creepy meter III

  1. Country Mouse

    Love the pictures! Would love to know what people were thinking!?!? 100 years from now people will wonder the same thing about some of the photo shoots that go on now!!


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