That’s me this day.

Yesterday, this lovely assistant arrived in the mail. I had a food processor back in the 90s — a big ol’ honkin’ thing — and just never used it, so it ended up on the garage sale table one year. Well, now that my life is buried in recipes and cooking, I decided to jump on a 50%-off sale at Amazon. Now this cute little thing is on the counter top.

I wonder, though — what do people use it for the most? Do you have one? If so, how is it the most handy? What’s your favorite thing to put in it?

Ready, steady, go. I covet your ideas.

PS — speaking of food, a big thank you goes out to several Finkites who have signed up at TCF to receive an email update when I make a new post. To those who haven’t, no worries — I won’t spaminate ya; I’ll just auto-send a mail when a new post is up, which should be Saturday night — and it’ll be sweet. :-)

PPS – Hugs go out to our fiend BoomR, who’s down for the ten-count with the stomach flu. XO And here we are, talking about food… :P

6 thoughts on “In-Cuisi-tive

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know, Will…I have been in a decades-long battle to like pesto. Maybe it’s the pine nuts, or that I just do not like the taste of olive oil. Still, I’m sure a food processor can’t be beat for that recipe.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Soup!! Soup for me! Did you have the 2-cup variety? I almost got that, but the Thriller talked me out of it. I think I’ll like this 4-cup one.


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