True Confessions II

Once in a while, we just need to come clean. Purge. Confess. I will do so this day, and I want you to join me, after which I will submit pithy and succinct remarks.

True Confessions I was pretty revealing to some, but I didn’t ask for you to bare your souls along with me. Why shouldn’t my fiends join in the fun, ja? :-D

Here are a few oddities off the top of my pointy head to get us started. Some of you will already know these things about me, and some will go, “Hmm. She is peculiar.” (Some will say that anyway.)

  1. hate to talk on the phone. There are exceptions, of course. If we have something to talk about specifically, no problem. It’s the talking on the phone to just talk…or talking on the phone when I am largely responsible for keeping the conversation going…NO. Email or text me instead.
  2. I am completely grossed out by lipstick. I don’t want to be, trust me. And strangely enough, I’m addicted to Chapstick. SOME lip glosses are OK, as long as they aren’t slimy. But even looking at an ad or a commercial featuring shiny, wet-looking glop just makes me urpy. I recently bought some Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm, in cherry flavor (my favorite). And while it smells good and is not slimy, it’s RED. Like cherries. Duh. In the drawer it goes.
  3. I refuse to touch a door knob in a public place with my bare hands. And I’m no germophobe, trust me. Cripes, I’m a teacher and a grandmother. I get hugs and high fives. But there’s just something about touching a thing that all manner of unidentified germy fingers have caressed in the last 10 minutes…oy. My sleeves get a workout. And what happens when I’m not wearing long sleeves? I do a weird, convoluted grasp on the knob, involving as little of my finger surface as possible, then find somewhere to wash my hands. That works well in my high school’s main office, where the door knob is the typical spherical kind, as opposed to the rectangular handle you can push down with the back of your hand, and there’s a sink nearby in the teacher lounge. The fact that I put this much thought into door knobs is troubling, I know.

OK, there’s a few of mine (unfortunately, there are more). Now let’s see a few of yours. Got one you’re willing to share? And by “willing to share,” I mean “willing to admit to without incriminating yourself in a court of law.”

Ready, steady, go. Confess! It’s good for the soul.

10 thoughts on “True Confessions II

  1. Mavis

    Ok. I dream about Blake Shelton. Cain’t hep it. Especially when I hear him sing, “Who Are You When I’m Not Lookin'” …..sigh

    I put ketchup on my eggs. I wanted to be a country singer since I was 12. It wasn’t “cool” to be country when I was 12.

    I also HATE talking on the phone! I’d much rather text or email.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      OK, so I know you hate talking on the phone, but I did not know you put ketchup on your eggs! Dad did that for years, and I thought we both thought it was gross! Or was that something that evolved over the years and it grew on you? HA

      The things I learn here! :-)

  2. BoomR

    Well, BLAST…I was **JUST** going to give you a phone call tonight & chat with you about this killer new high-SPF lip gloss that keeps my saxophone lips from getting all chapped & stuff & whatnot… [[ducking]]

    I’m with you on #3 – over the past 3-4 years, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the paper towel on my way *out* of the public restroom to grab the door knob or handle. On the way in I’m not so concerned, as I know I’m going to wash my hands throughly in about 1-2 min anyway. :-)

    And I’m totally with you on TC-1. I have never watched The Voice, X-Factors, or any of the other shows, save maybe the last few episodes the first 2 years that Idol came into being. After that & the whole “William Hung She-Bang” debacle, it became very clear that we no longer value people who have REAL talent & PRACTICE to hone their craft. It’s all about taking someone with a fractional amount of abilities (not “talent”) that can be AutoTuned, but has “the look” that can be fluffed up into something that marketing whiz-kids can use to make corporate $$. I think we as a whole have lost the ability to really discern what is true musical (or theatrical) talent. If something sort of sounds recognizable, it sadly seems ‘good enough’….

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Amen on all that, Saxophone Lips!!!

      As soon as I saw the first “horrible” audition on Idol, I knew it was just a ratings/money grab. It ruined the whole thing. And everyone else followed suit it seems, either with more bad performances or side-stories featuring personal dramas and infighting. Even Dancing With the Stars has gotten into the act.

      I dream of a world where there is no reality television. I even hate the sappy Extreme Home Makeover. Does that make me a bad person??

  3. Meg

    This is dumb. I drink a full water bottle of water before bed every night. I’m convinced, if I don’t, I will wake up deadly dehydrated the next day. Oddly, I *never* wake up in the night to use the bathroom. I have apparently trained my bladder through the years. Also, I will only use vaseline on my lips before bed at night. I won’t use anything else…don’t ask me why.

    And I am totally with you on #1 as well.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Now there’s some weirdness I can get behind! Girl, if I drank a whole bottle of water before bed, I’d…well, I’d be up for the day at 3:30 a.m. — like now.


  4. Greg

    1.Even though I LIKE buffet meals (well, most of the time!), I dislike it if someone’s in the line, licks their fingers and then handles a serving utensil. 2. Can’t stand “double-dippers”–the people who pick up finger food, plonk it in the sauce or dip, eat half of it and then plonk it back in the sauce again!! 3. I sometimes mix cinnamon in with the morning coffee grounds. 4. I can’t stand it when people who have cats allow them to rip open my garbage bags on the boulevard. 5. I really get honked off at dog-walkers who allow their pets to use my yard as a litter box! 6. I get really crazy with people who think FRUIT should be included in all recipes!!!!!! GRRRR!!!!! 7. Telemarketers! Enough said! 8. I love putting tabasco in tomato juice! 9. Crackers, salami and swiss cheese should become a national delicacy! And 10. I love flying but hate waiting to board the plane!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Over here in Finkville, there is a city ordinance regarding #5. It’s called the “Pooper Scooper” law. But cats? NOooOooOo, they can do whatever the heck they want. When a cat craps all over my flower garden, is its owner anywhere nearby, standing (as I do with Rousseau) at the ready with a plastic bag and paper towels? Nope.

      Cats — even and especially those with collars and licenses — are allowed to run wild in my town, doing whatever they like. You know, cuz it’s in their nature to be free (after all, they’re cats, right?). Dogs have to be monitored and followed around with a broom and dust pan.

      NOT FAIR

  5. Mwheels

    I hate germs, but the weird things is I also dislike lipstick especially when people drink and it is on the rim of the cup. It is just nasty to me and I think it is gross.


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