When you die at the palace…

…you really die at the palace. ;-)

Yep, bigtime fail on my part. Remember last spring, when I embarked on the holistic journey to rid myself of contact lenses and glasses once and for all? As a result of reading Jacob Lieberman’s book, Take Off Your Glasses and See, I noticed an almost-immediate improvement in my eyesight. What’s not to love, right?

Well, there are daily exercises to do, and you really have to buy into the fight, lock and stock. Like brushing your teeth, or keeping lost pounds off, it’s a date with daily maintenance destiny, or the magic wears off, at least initially. And true to my undisciplined nature on most things requiring discipline, I fell off the wagon and went back to my evil ways. Gradually, the glasses and contacts returned, and before I knew it, I was wearing them full time again. Have I mentioned I’m undisciplined? Is it too late for a New Year’s resolution?

And what did I get for my non-efforts? A checkup at the doctor last month that revealed that both my farsightedness and astigmatism have worsened. Blah.

So…what now? I think there comes a time when one must select one’s battles, and for the time being, I am not going to stress over this. Rather, I’m going to enjoy life wearing my new contact lenses, and the new John Lennons that are due to arrive any day now. I tried, I failed, now I move on. It’s all right.

Now see? That wasn’t hard, was it?


Happy Finkday, y’all – ’bout time, too.

Image: “Comical Critter” by Maria Dryfhout

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