Hey, a new category today. The Truth Is…

It kind of runs along the same lines as the RNFs, but too important to be considered random. It deals with what I think are the gut-level, bottom-line truths in life, relationships, work, and basically dealing with people in general.

The Truth Is that mean people, sooner or later, get what’s coming to them.

The Truth Is that the current school calendar in my district is antiquated and largely irrelevant…but I adore it.

The Truth Is that going through the fire can really be for the greater good. My brother-in-law was just diagnosed with emphysema. Prayers and positive energy going up for him and for Mavis, who are both now smoke-free, cold-turkey. Day three of their new life begins today — go for it, guys! We love you.

The Truth Is that doing the right thing or doing good is not always repaid in kind. Indeed, sometimes it’s slapped across the face.

The Truth Is that there’s no such word as “acrost.” (OK, that was trivial.)

The Truth Is that many difficult, obnoxious, unkind people don’t know they’re being difficult, obnoxious and unkind. They just think everyone else is stupid and they have to show their impatience with it all.

The Truth Is that you will live a better life if you take people like that in stride. Lean and smile, so a good friend once told me.

Welp, it’s the last day of school and I have a bunch of gifts to load up and errands to take care of before I even think about pointing the Finkmobile north and west. Truthfully, even though my “vacation” will be quite busy with school-related stuff, I’m really looking forward to the time off. Them agrarians had more on the ball than what you might realize…

A fab Finkday to all.

2 thoughts on “TTI

  1. PKPudlin

    A few more “Truths”, if you please:

    1. Most things, big and small, are designed by someone who will never have to use them.
    2. If you have 15, you will need 1. If you have 1, you will need 15. (This is Hudson’s Law.)
    3. Related to #2, if you have it, most likely you won’t need it. Conversely, if you need it, most likely you won’t have it.
    4. The likelihood of a chance meeting with someone you would like to impress is directly proportional to the amount of dog/cat hair on your black clothing.

    That’s enough for today. Unfortunately I have 51 years’ worth of TTI saved up.

    Special congrats and ‘atta-boy’s to Mavis and her hubby for their smoke-free life decision. Sending pink energy for health and strength.

    Enjoy your break, Finkly. I’m sure enjoying mine!!



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