Vamos all over again

Tech Rehearsal XI. Same scene, different background and cast. I leave at 6:15, stop at the bakery and pick up four dozen pastries, get to school and hope I don’t trigger the alarm while opening the doors, schlep out the big coffeemaker, and set up the space while sleepy teenagers (and adults) drag in and wait for java. Definitely NOT morning people, haha.

I approach the coming week with a mixture of exhilaration, anxiety, anticipation and dread. Each state has its experiential component. But I guess I have to get through this morning first. :-)

Off to the showers and the school house. Have a good weekend, fiends.


4 thoughts on “Vamos all over again

  1. BoomR

    When I lived there, I recall a really good bakery with the YUMMIEST donuts… but the name now escapes me. I mean, when you got them fresh it was MELT in the mouth kinda stuff (the type of donut that Krispy Kream could only HOPE to be one day).

    NOW you’ve gone & done it…I need donuts!! Have a good rehearsal, missy!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You are certainly thinking of Hawkins Bakery! I’ve been to bakeries from New York to Vegas, and I’ve never had donuts as good as theirs.

      Rehearsal was a train wreck today, but for the right reasons, mostly. Still, they’d all pay to see me fall off a pier right now…

      1. BoomR

        LOL – that’s a good visual :-) Well, as long as it’s for the right reasons – lightbulbs finally coming on, people engaging brains, etc…

        And YES…Hawkins Bakery! That’s it!!! There is one place very similar to that here in Dallas – down in Oak Cliff (sort of the original “old Dallas $$” residential part of the city). I would drive by it every day when I first moved here. One day I stopped in on my way to work & it immediately became the same sort of “danger zone” for my waistline as Hawkins.

        …although next time I’m in Ashburg I may have to stop & refresh my memory & then do a compare/contrast study upon my return to Dallas – LOL

        Enjoy brunch with the J’s!

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