Various & Sundry VIII

  1. The Thriller got a call yesterday. The TV arrives tomorrow, not Friday. Joyous. He now has a difficult choice: Go to RF’s middle school concert…stay home and hook up the new TV. Go to RF’s middle school concert…stay home and hook up the new TV…
  2. Wanna see where all the money in the country went? Clicky.
  3. Do you know how good Steve Martin is on banjo?
  4. I plan to start up the RtB Contests again in January. Much chocolate to be won here, fiends.
  5. I’m taking some of my singers to perform at a couple of nursing homes today. I hope they bring something tasty for the bus ride, because I be all about the treatses.
  6. You will now please post your favorite Christmas song, and if applicable, the artists who sing/play it. Mine: “That Holiday Feeling” by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé (sister had a big voice). I’m always up for new Christmas tunes; seems like they’re the same ones over and over every year — or it could be just collateral career damage. Searching for new and interesting arrangements of the same Christmas “classics” is a challenge year after year, ya know?

Ok, time to hit the shower and the road. Maybe I’ll stop by Hawkins bakery and get some treatses of my own.

7 thoughts on “Various & Sundry VIII

  1. Lars

    Speaking of new Christmas music… Have you heard/seen the Colbert Christmas Special? I think the songs will become the new timeless classics.

  2. Kody

    I’m proud to say, I did know how good Steve Martin is at banjo. My dad has a bluegrass Christmas CD, and Steve Martin plays banjo for someone on it. He’s great at acting and music, just like Lindsay Lohan!

  3. Kody

    Oh yeah… and My all time favorite Christmas song is… “Candle In The Window” :)

    Really, it’s “White Christmas” by Bright Eyes

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Lars – I have not heard the Colbert stuff. It’s probably very, very silly. Just like you. How far off am I???

  5. Skylar

    I think my favorite Christmas song is either “Oiche Chiun” by Enya or “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I’m not entirely sure who sings my favorite version of that, though.

    Have fun with your new toy. Ha. :)


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