Three things.

1. Usually, the cold/flu thing happens after performances, not before. ‘Sides, I’m too mean and tuff to get sick. Thank Jesus and Mary for DayQuil.

2. I’m looking forward to tonight with the middle school choirs. Should be fun.

3. BRAD! How many times I gotta tell you, son? Lose the mouthbrow mustache and grandpa hair. I mean, honestly. You’re attending the premier of the film that might win you an Oscar, so let’s channel a used car salesman from 1972. Brilliant. Oh, and make sure that the unattractive brown is painted on your temples so it looks astoundingly unnatural. Sorry, but the whole unkempt Clark Gable effort gets a big fat FAIL.

Money, looks, good fashion sense. Two outta three ain’t bad, I guess. Lawd.

Have a great Wednesday, fiends. Back tomorrow with concert fotos.


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