Various & Sundry XV

1. Right. So in talking with Schminky McSchminkelman yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t been checking Craigslist for writing jobs. So I did, this morning. Applied for two of them. (I’d tell you what jobs they were, but then you would apply and get them over me, so forget it.) Gotta love telecommuting. I’ll let you know.

2. [Rocky the Flying Squirrel voice:] And now, here’s something you’ll really like!



3. Exciting news: Ross is going to guest-write Sunday’s blog post. He’s my online hero. I heart him. Whether he’s writing for or or doing work for Parkinson’s disease, he is one righteous fiend. Sweetness. (Yep, I googled your name, hoser.)

4. I hate it when something doesn’t fit, so you take it back to the store — and they don’t have what you want in your size.

5. Suzanne, that link you provided yesterday was out of this world! Completely groovy.

6. Tomorrow night, I’m having some fiends over to watch Godfather III. Very niiiiiizzze.

7. Finally: I wish I could say I was surprised to read this, but I can’t. More interesting opinions in the comments here.

I hate everything today, I think. It’s rainy, cold, miserable, dreary…it’s a good day for generalized hate. And naps.


One thought on “Various & Sundry XV

  1. Rat Fink Post author

    I know, right? Since I posted this, I’ve read a lot more about it. Still can’t believe it. No matter how honest the man was about what happened, or how sorry he is, or what a clean record he has (we’re supposed to reward people for not breaking the law??), he was still drunk and still killed the guy.

    The diff is that he escaped civil court proceedings by paying off the family. People are incensed by that. But it still doesn’t excuse him from the other penalties (lifetime license suspension, 8 years probation, 2 years house arrest, etc….all of which are better than jail). It’s a mess. I’d hate to be Roger Goodell right now.


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