Talk about “Lucky Jackson.” ;-)

Today’s the day! Mavis is taking me to the airport at 6 p.m., and I’ll try to snooze on the 4-hour direct flight as much as possible, because I’m scheduled to arrive at 10:00 local time. And I’m probably not going jump right into bed, so…


Vegas in the summertime — ha. Even though Europe is having a horrific heat wave right now, I think LV might still have them beat. Safe to say that I’m grateful for air-conditioned transportation to get me from indoor-place to indoor-place. That, and I probably shouldn’t be schlepping around the city late at night by myself. Who knows what might befall an innocent little old lady crossing the street, ya know?

Maybe I need a Gladys costume. *snicker*

Talk to you soon! Hugs

3 thoughts on “VLV!

  1. Suzanne

    Oh yes this is not the best time to be in LV but airco is everywhere and you’ll be cool (as always).

    Have a great time, can’t wait to see pics!!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks gals — had a decent night’s sleep, and now I’m ready to roar. Off into the desert! :-)


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