…for the doc’s office to open. I’ve had enough. Going to see about getting some drugs ASAP.

At least I’m not missing school — other than in-service day. Truth be told, I’d rather suffer through that than this. Yark.

But hey, while I’m here waiting, I’ve noticed some interesting stuff come across the wire. Reportedly, Johnny Depp is making a docu about Keith Richards. Whoa. I spect the working title will be something along the lines of Booze ‘n Chicks. Actually… the guy’s 66 and still going at it. More power to him.

Don’t askĀ  me why I took 20 minutes out of my life to read Michael Jackson’s autopsy report. But there are some interesting bits in it. Like, I knew he had really great hair…but I thought it was just long and straightened every day. Joke was on me.

John Mayer needs to stay off the Hennessy while doing interviews with Playboy. Or maybe he’s just a jerk. I hope it’s “A.” I think he somewhat atoned for his ridiculous comments when he told a concert audience Wednesday night that he was sorry and he was in fact “done” with the media circuit, choosing instead to just “play [his] guitar.” Good thinking.

Google’s Buzz isn’t going to replace Facebook. Period.

OK, so good news. The Thriller just came downstairs and told me that he would be happy to sacrifice his doctor appointment at 1:45 today so I could have it. Isn’t that nice of him? He’s so good to me.


Have a good Finkday, fiends. I’m back to the sofa until after lunch.


5 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Kodye

    The whole John Mayer thing is really sad. He’s a funny guy. For real. Youtube his stand up. Yes, he does stand up. I’ve seen an interview once with John Mayer and Kanye, and they were talking about how black people love John Mayer. That’s what the playboy interview reminded me of… until he dropped that extreeeeeemely ignorant word (which unfortunately, is used as often as a comma in the land of cornfields and rednecks I’ve been born into). I bet within two days he’s meeting with Jesse Jackson, apologizing for everything.

  2. RD

    Hey, I’m 66 — almost 67, and I’m still going strong too, but probably not in the same way :-) Hooray for the Thriller. I hope the Dr. gives you something that will really boot this bug completely our of your life. It’s hung on way too long.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And a sprightly, handsome and youthful 66 you are, pal — even if you did bypass the “booze ‘n chicks” lifestyle. HA

      I got this Zithromax stuff I’m supposed to take for 5 days. The Thriller says it’s good medicine and it should take care of all the nasties. Can’t wait! Six weeks till your birfday…have to think of something really neet…


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